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We live and die by our values: energy, courage, & enthusiasm. Take this fun test to see how you match!

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Finding your match...


You scored a wonderful on courage, on energy and a wonderful on enthusiasm

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Reading a novel by your favourite author CHOOSE

Exercise with your best training buddy CHOOSE

Eat lunch with your sweetheart CHOOSE

Eat lunch with the Prime Minister CHOOSE

Luxury Spa in Morocco CHOOSE

Skydiving in the Colorado CHOOSE

Join an election rally for your political party CHOOSE

Organize a flea market to support your local marching band CHOOSE

Go rock climbing in the Pyrenees CHOOSE

Joining writing classes in Prague CHOOSE

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef CHOOSE

Snorkelling in the Mediterranean CHOOSE

Sleeping in a tent at Roskilde festival CHOOSE

Sleeping in a mountain lodge in Norway CHOOSE

Spending your money at the roulette tables in Monaco CHOOSE

Go shopping in London CHOOSE

Fishing piranhas in the Amazonas CHOOSE

Fishing cod in Northern Norway CHOOSE

Wine tasting in Piemonte CHOOSE

Bar-to-bar in Manhattan CHOOSE

Playing poker in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas CHOOSE

Playing Monopoly with your best friends at home CHOOSE

Working in a refugee camp in Africa CHOOSE

Doing local volunteer work to help impoverished people CHOOSE

Play golf in Scotland CHOOSE

Camel caravan in the Sahara desert CHOOSE

Play basketball with locals in Harlem CHOOSE

Trekking in the Swiss Alps CHOOSE

Rambling in the Norwegian mountains CHOOSE

Visiting Disneyland in Paris CHOOSE

Watching a football game in Champions League CHOOSE

Rock concert at the Glastonbury Festival in England CHOOSE

Cycling in Provence CHOOSE

Full body workout at the hotel gym CHOOSE

Hitchhiking through Eastern Europe CHOOSE

Travel through Russia with the Trans Siberian Railway CHOOSE

Spending the night at the youth hostel CHOOSE

Taking a drink in the bar at a chic boutique hotel CHOOSE

Eating street food in Bangkok CHOOSE

A Michelin star restaurant in Paris CHOOSE

Visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona CHOOSE

Travel to Lofoten to paint your own paintings CHOOSE