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Finland, Helsinki


Finland, Helsinki

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Clarion Hotel Helsinkiin


Clarion-hotellit ovat nyt yli viiden vuoden ajan taittaneet vauhdikasta ja
menestyksekästä Suomen matkaansa. Meillä on pääkaupunkiseudulla jo kaksi
kaunista hotellia ja olemme kasvamassa. Clarion-perheemme on täynnä energisiä
ja rohkeita ihmisiä, joilla on positiivinen asenne ja yksityinen pohjoismainen
hotelliketjumme on tunnettu sen kapinallisesta asenteesta. Rakastamme luovia
persoonia, jotka osaavat tarjota tavallisesta poikkeavaa palvelua.
Yhteiskuntavastuuohjelmamme WeCare on liiketoimintamme ytimessä
ja meille tulet sellaisena kuin olet, koska meillä on tilaa kaikille.

Clarion Helsinki on valittu 2019 Suomen parhaaksi tapahtumapaikaksi Evento
Awards - palkintojuhlassa sekä samana vuonna Suomen johtavaksi
business-hotelliksi World Travel Awardseissa.

Meillä voit suorittaa harjoittelusi käytännönläheisesti alan huippuammattilaisten
opastamana. Hyvin mennyt harjoittelu on meille luonnollinen väylä
mahdollisiin rekrytointeihin jakson jälkeen.

Meillä onnistuu:

À la Carte ravintolan sali- ja keittiöharjoittelu
Kokous- ja bankettipuolen sali- ja keittiöharjoittelu
Baaritoimintojen baarimestariharjoittelu
Hotellin vastaanottotoimintojen harjoittelu

Koska talomme on iso kokonaisuus, kuuluu meillä jokaiseen harjoitteluun
tutustuminen kaikkiin eri hotellin osastoihin. Työharjoittelu on palkaton. Sinulla on
maksuton ruokailumahdollisuus hotellilla työpäivän aikana.
Lisäksi tarjoamme luonnollisesti sinulle työvaatteet.

Liitä hakemukseesi mukaan lyhyt kuvaus itsestäsi, jossa kerrot mahdollisesta
aiemmasta harjoittelu- ja työkokemuksestasi sekä harjoittelutavoitteistasi.
Kerrothan lisäksi, kuinka pitkä harjoittelujaksosi olisi ja mille ajanjaksolle sitä toivoisit ja
mihin koulutukseen/kouluun harjoittelu liittyy.


Clarion brändinä on rohkea, energinen ja intohimoinen - tätä samaa odotamme
harjoitteluun valitulta henkilöltä. Sinulle on luonnollinen ajatus, että toimimme
yhteistyössä yli hotellin osastorajojen tavoitteena parhaan mahdollisen
asiakaskokemuksen luominen. Suomen kielen taitosi on erinomaisella tasolla -
kaikki muut kielet katsotaan eduksi.

Tehtävään hakuaika on voimassa toistaiseksi.
Lähetäthän hakemuksesi ja CV:si tämän linkin kautta

Lisätietoja antaa Clarion Hotel Finlandin HR-Manager Pia Haapsaari-Helminen

Det finns en anledning till att det är just du som önskar att jobba i Nordic Choice Hotels. Du ser möjligheter på våra 100 destinationer. Du tror du kommer passa in i vår mångfald bland 13.000 anställda. Du är exalterad över våra fantastiska hotellkedjor och du har energi, mod och begeistring så det räcker och blir över. Vill du veta mer om oss? Vi ser fram emot din ansökan!

What’s in it for you?

To all our super colleagues, we salute you with great perks and benefits! 

A culture to cherish

A culture to cherish

Our people are brave, laid-back and keen to make the guests their top priority! The warm and welcoming atmosphere creates the right setting for people to flourish and work their magic. We have the freedom we need to perform our tasks and we solve problems as they arise in the best way we see fit. A strong team spirit and family-feeling foster a culture of collaboration. And when there’s something to celebrate, we make sure to have some fun! In larger cities, we also regularly host after-work events to allow colleagues to mingle.

A culture to cherish

Job security for peace of mind

Job security for peace of mind

When you work with us, we’ll take your whole life situation into consideration. We offer good job security through collective agreements and insurances, as well as paid parental leave, holiday leave, wellness allowance, attractive pension plans and competitive salaries. We’re there for you.

Job security for peace of mind

Room to grow

Room to grow

With more than 200 hotels across the Nordics, there are endless opportunities for career progression! Would you like to work full-time, part-time, a few hours here and there, or perhaps only a season? We have room for you, no matter where you’re at. We encourage creativity and curiosity, and we make every effort to foster a learning culture for professional development. An academic degree isn't the most important thing for us. If you have the right mindset, we can certainly promise you a bright future!

Room to grow

Going places

Going places

We encourage you to get out and explore all that life has to offer! So, we always offer numerous discounts to you and your friends and family at our hotels, bars and restaurants. From this year onwards we will be offering you four FREE hotel nights per year.* To be sure our employees are treated like VIPs we will also offer you an upgrade whenever possible. You can also take advantage of our fantastic partnerships with Ving/Spies/Tjäreborg and Norwegian Airlines, giving you great rates on air travel, charter holidays, car rental and more! 

*If you are employed on a contract for at least 20% of full-time working hours.

Going places

Open mind, open hearts

Open mind, open hearts

Our heart beats for the world around us. To meet global challenges, we support the transition to clean energy, and we recently opened the first zero-energy hotel in the Nordics. We seek to use organic produce and have championed the elimination of unsustainable palm oil. We promote equal rights above all and are proud sponsors of Pride. Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, disabilities or age - our doors are always open.

Open mind, open hearts

Life at Nordic Choice Hotels

Meet Nour - Bartender

Meet Nour Duru, Bartender at Clarion Hotel®. He loves to experiment with different drinks at the bar and often tries to lighten the mood amongst guests with his laughter. In his spare time, he likes to go boxing and has a dream of pitching a manuscript for Netflix series! What’s your role and ...
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Meet Michelle - Front Office

Meet Michelle, part of the Front Office team at one of our Comfort Hotels. She has worked at Nordic Choice Hotels since September 2021 but has no prior experience of the hotel industry. She encourages service-minded people who relish the idea of a varied working day to go ahead and apply for a ...
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Meet I Made - Chef

I Made has extensive experience from the culinary world born in Indonesia and worked all over the world at Cruise ships, in the US and The Netherlands before moving to Kiruna in the north of Sweden. But the cold was a bit too much to handle, so he moved with his family to Stockholm and that’s ...
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Meet João - Head Waiter

Hear Head Waiter João talk about his career journey and how he is pursuing his dream of becoming a Food & Beverage Manager in the future. What makes you proud of working at Nordic Choice Hotels? First of all, Nordic Choice Hotels is a very exciting and large hotel company. I feel very aligned ...
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Meet Annika - Front Office

Annika at Front Office has been working at Nordic Choice Hotels for more than 30 years (!) and has also won the award 'The Employee of the Year' one year. Read about her insights from working within Guest Services. What makes you proud of working at Nordic Choice Hotels? I always get really ...
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Meet Avatar - Teamleader in Tech

What makes you proud of working at Nordic Choice Hotel/eBerry? The culture and diversity at eBerry makes me feel proud. If you look at the diversity, I guess all together we can speak 13 different languages. Which is great! The organisation encourages "Dare to disagree", not only on paper but ...
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