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Great talent can come from anywhere

We believe everybody has great potential, and we know anyone can make a career here. Where do you want to start?


A hotel industry without Nordic Choice Hotels is boring

Petter A. Stordalen started as a strawberry seller, and ended up here, as the founder of one of the largest hotel companies in the Nordic region. How? Well, for a start, he is not the average guy, bustling with energy and enthusiasm.

Petter's story is really the essence of what we build our business on, our values: courage, energy and enthusiasm. Like Petter, we love people. So that’s why we report on a triple bottom line; People, Planet and Profit

Challenging the average since 1990

In 25 years we have challenged status quo in the hotel industry. And we promise to continue to do so. As long as we make sure our employees feel free to be themselves, we will never be average. Today we are 13.000 people from 124 different countries, which we believe is a remarkable strength. All of them have a unique talent, and they bring their own unique story to the table. We are diversity in practice, and we love it.



The most important question

What job does a rebel offer?

We have more different type of jobs than you can imagine, and we continue to evolve. We need everything from accountants, receptionists, housekeepers, marketers, programmers, directors to chefs and sustainability developers. Since 1990, we have grown to 13.000 employees. Each and every one of them doing real, fantastic work!


Latest job listings

We are happy you spent some time with us. Now we would like to get to know you. Find out if you are a good match with Nordic Choice Hotels, learn more about us or start applying for a job right now. We truly look forward to hearing from you!

Front Desk

Front Desk Västra Götaland, Sweden

Chef - Extra

Food & Beverages Hordaland, Norway


Spa & Wellness Akershus, Norway

Director of Operations Clarion Collection Hotel

Management Oslo, Norway

Style Manager (Housekeeping) till Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborg


General Manager Comfort Hotel Göteborg

Management Västra Götaland, Sweden

General Manager for Hotel SKT. PETRI

Management København, Denmark

Barception Manager, Comfort Hotel Bodø

Management Nordland, Norway

General Manager Quality Hotel Hasle Linie

Management Oslo, Norway


Food & Beverages Buskerud, Norway

Sous chef / pastry chef

Food & Beverages Vestfold, Norway

Adm. direktør

Management Troms, Norway


Front Desk Hordaland, Norway


Front Desk Vest-Agder, Norway

Quality Hotel Skifer søker kokker

Food & Beverages Sør Trøndelag, Norway

Welcome office agent Clarion Hotel Örebro

Front Desk Örebro, Sweden


Housekeeping Akershus, Norway

Serviceminded kollega sökes - Service Crew Front of House

Front Desk Västra Götaland, Sweden


Spa & Wellness Akershus, Norway


Spa & Wellness Akershus, Norway

Hyggehjälte till Kök och Restaurang sökes - 40%

Food & Beverages Skåne, Sweden


Petter Stordalen

Owner and Chairman

Started out selling strawberries at the market place in Porsgrunn. Built Nordic Choice Hotels from the ground and could not be more proud of the company it has become.

Why do you love NCH? Because selling strawberries at the market place in Porsgrunn can get lonely, because hotels are places for magical meetings, and because I have the greatest and most devoted co-workers in the world.

Petter Stordalen

Lena Solheim


I started out as a receptionist at Quality & Resort Hafjell, where I worked for two years. Why Nordic Choice Hotels? Because its a not an ordinary hotel company; always searching for new ideas and new ways of doing things. I like that! My workdays are hectic and never dull, luckily, and I get to meet so many different people, every day.

Lena Solheim

Marta Ewa Radwanska


I started in Nordic Choice Hotels early in 2015, when I joined as a housekeeper at Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret in Oslo. I like the energy at this place, and the loads of nice colleagues from a lot of different countries. And Nordic Choice Hotels provides me with a great opportunity to build a career in the hotel business. My career!

Marta Ewa Radwanska

Torgeir Silseth


Meet Torgeir Silseth, CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels: Started out in the hotel industry as a chef. Has worked as CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels since 2009. Why do you love NCH?: Because the best ideas in our company are not generated at the top. The best ideas are results of our co-workers’ initiative and creativity.

Torgeir Silseth

Zelio Silva

Breakfast Chef

I started working for Nordic Choice Hotels in 2012 as a breakfast waiter. Then I got a chance to try to work in the kitchen as a kitchen assistant. we always get new challenges, which create an exciting nerve to our workdays. And you know what? To constantly keep improving is part of our daily routines. That’s really cool!

Zelio Silva


A job full of benefits

The happiness of our people is at the heart of our philosophy. Why? It`s obviously important for everybody who works here, but also for our guest. After all, they are the ones we are committed to delivering the best possible services. It is so important for us that we actually report how happy people are in our annual report. We strive to develop the best culture in the world, and focus on competitive terms for our people.

You have the chance to join a hotel that is considered the rebel in the market.

We are a different kind of workplace, one that has room for everyone. Here you can be yourself.

We offer countless opportunities for development and have many exciting hotels where you can test other jobs.

Our culture is to be genuine and open.

The environment is young and playful.

Corporate social responsibility is a natural part of your job.

Our terms are competitive.

We offer many different types of positions and have many exciting hotels where you can test other jobs.



We take care of things

In Nordic Choice Hotels we are deeply committed to doing good. We have a dedicated program, WeCare, which is really about us taking responsibility outside our hotel doors, giving back to the society we are a part of. WeCare provide every one of us with the opportunity to make a difference; like helping Unicef fight trafficking and promoting food which is good both for our bodies and our environment. Check out what our people achieve, follow this link to see what we do for the planet.

Explore our world

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Global partners for a better world

We have partnered with some of the worlds most trusted non-profit organizations, to increase our impact on a global scale. We want to make a difference.

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Born to lead

Nordic Choice Hotels wants extraordinary talents to join our Management Trainee and Group Trainee programs. Get ready for a challenging 12 months getting to know the ins and outs of our energetic, courageous and enthusiastic company and giving you a great starting point for creating your own career.

Starting in January our trainees go through intensive 12 month training at 3 hotels in Scandinavia

You´ll learn about sales, guest relations, hotel operations and our unique culture.

Both Management Trainee and Group Trainee programs are available to apply for before August.

We want ambitious talents with 2-3 years of experience. Don’t have it? Tell us why we need you!

Questions? Send email to